Scanfully Features

Your WordPress Site Health, Our Care

We offer the following solutions to ensure your WordPress sites remain in peak condition. Inside and outside.

Single Dashboard

Your sites in one dashboard allowing you to easily navigate to the monitoring features.

Uptime Monitoring

Scanfully checks your WordPress sites with comprehensive uptime checks and smart notifications.

Performance Monitoring

We check how fast your site loads in an easy to read graph and with recommendations.


All of your WordPress site’s health in one view. Easy insight into the health metrics that matter most.

WordPress Events Timeline

All WordPress events combined with our checks provide you a unique insight into what’s going on.

Lighthouse Scans

Automated insights into various performance metrics of your website in one place. (Coming Soon)


Your texts, your embeds, your images, your links, your content monitored. (Coming Soon)

Vulnerability Checks

Get immediately notified with security updates when available for your plugin (Coming Soon)


We have a long list of things we’re considering adding to our Dashboard.