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Inside the Scanfully Dashboard there’s a feature that displays the Site Health data from your WordPress site in a more helpful way.

Once your WordPress site is connected to the Scanfully Dashboard, your Site Health data should display the most important contents of your site health data. In some cases, however, there is not data being displayed in our dashboard.

This can be due to the following reasons:

WordPress Cron

Your WordPress cron is not running properly. Whether this is happening sporadically or constantly, a faulty running cron means lots of internal tasks registered in WordPress are not being processed. We rely on WordPress cron to function for the WordPress site health data to be pushed to our dashboard.

Plugin Conflicts

There’s a possibility one of the other plugins installed on your WordPress site is conflicting with our Scanfully for WordPress plugin. The easiest way to test if there is a conflict like this is following these steps:

  1. Temporarily turn off all plugins except the Scanfully plugin
  2. Disconnect your site from the Scanfully app via the Scanfully for WordPress plugin settings
  3. Connect your site again with our app
  4. Reactivate the other WordPress plugins

Wait a couple of minutes to see if the data is now present.

If none of these solutions solve your problem, please reach out to our support desk.