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Pushover is a service that makes it easy to get real-time notifications on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop. To integrate Pushover into your Scanfully dashboard, follow these steps:

Create Pushover Application

The first step is to create a Pushover application that will receive your push notifications. Register your Pushover application by clicking here and log in if needed.

Enter the following values on the new application screen.

  1. Scanfully
  2. Download our Scanfully logo (by clicking here) and upload it.
  3. Click the Create Application button.
Create new application/API token for Pushover screen.

After your application is created, you will be taken to the application edit screen, where your API Token/Key (1) is shown.

Screenshot of the application edit screen for Pushover

Getting your User Key

The other variable we need to setup your Pushover integration is your User Key. Go to your Pushover dashboard by clicking here and log in if needed.

Your User Key is marked with a (1) in the screenshot below.

Enter your userkey in the Pushover settings

Create the Pushover notification

Now that we have all the required Pushover keys, we can create the new Pushover notification inside your Scanfully dashboard.

Click on the website you want to add the notification to, click the Notifications menu item and click the + Add Notification button.

  1. Select Pushover as the channel type
  2. Enter your API Token/Key as Pushover Token
  3. Enter your User Key as Pushover User
Where should be notify you settings

Select what events you want to be notified for, save your notification, and you’re done! You will now be notified over Pushover from your Scanfully dashboard.

Pushover Clients

To receive pushover notifications on your mobile device, you need to install the Pushover app on your device.

Click here to download the iOS (iPhone & iPad) app.

Click here to download the Android app.