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Discord uses webhooks to send messages to channels. Scanfully will call the given webhook every time we want to send you a message.

Create a Discord webhook

First, you need to set up a webhook on your Discord server. You can find detailed instructions in Discord’s official documentation.

In short, open Discord and navigate to Server Settings, select Integrations from the menu on the left and click the “Create Webhook” button.

Webhook settings page on Discord

After creating the webhook, you can give it a name and select what Discord channel it can post messages in. When you’ve done this, click the “Copy Webhook URL” button.

Create New Webhook settings page on Discord

Adding the webhook URL to Scanfully

Paste the webhook URL in the correct field in your notification edit screen in your Scanfully dashboard.

Now select what events you want to receive notifications for and click the “Save Notification” button.

You’re done! You will now be notified via Discord when something happens.