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  • All The Reasons Why You Should Want to Use Cloudflare

    It should come as no surprise we’re big fans of Cloudflare here at Scanfully. Cloudflare has emerged as an essential service for website owners worldwide. It offers a suite of tools designed to enhance security, improve performance, and ensure reliability for websites of all…

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  • The Time to Focus on INP is Now

    INP officially replaced FID (First Input Delay) yesterday. INP is a much better input responsiveness metric. FID will be available until September of this year, but there’s no point in hanging on to a now old metric. It’s time to focus on INP now!…

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  • What is Technical SEO

    Content is King. We all know that. And if Content is King, surely, Speed is Queen. But… what if your content is simply full of errors, mistakes, non-indexable, improperly setup, and more? Well, those kinds of issues fall under the umbrella of Technical SEO.…

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