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One dashboard for your WordPress sites’ Performance and Health

Your ScanFully Dashboard consolidates all your WordPress sites, sending you timely alerts for required changes.

Site Health

One convenient place for all your WordPress Site Health metrics.


Daily Core Vitals checks + notifications for all your vital WordPress pages.


What good is a healthy and fast WordPress site without great uptime?

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    So, you want to tune up your site, but you’re caught between Google Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals? And you’re starting to wonder what the difference is between Core Web Vitals and Google Lighthouse. Or is there even? Well, look no further as we delve into a short and concise dissection of both services. On…

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    Remember the good old days when we could growl at our dial-ups to hustle a bit? Long gone but not forgotten, they set the pace for our hunger for speed on the web. But alas! The race has taken a more sophisticated turn. It’s not just about the sprint – it’s a triathlon! Set, Go,…

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